Thank You, Goodbye, See You Later

3 days left.

My house smells like cardboard. I’ve been up for ten minutes and the dust from shifting furniture has already turned the soles of my feet black. My usual morning time as been reduced to sitting on the single piece of furniture left in our living room drinking the very last of our coffee.

For weeks I’ve been counting down the weeks and days until we fly out, leaving our Indian life behind. But as I stand now, on the cusp of actually leaving, I am not sure where my head is. The “keep your head down and just do the next thing” mentality doesn’t work when you’re down to your final hours. There is too much that needs to be done and too much that needs to be said.

There are the thank yous. Thank you to our wonderful school for pushing us professionally and in ways I’m not sure we knew were possible. The restaurants that gave us pretty good Mexican food in the land of rice and dal. To India for allowing us to experience life here to the fullest. To all the friends who are like family. Those people who caught us when we were falling down.

There are the goodbyes. Goodbyes to the sweet children and families that have been a part of our life. To the colleagues who made us laugh and listened to us vent when we needed to cry. The helpers who are truly like members of our family- for good and for bad.

There are the see you laters. The friends I know I will see again. This global life casts our net far and wide and I have no doubt that we will have trips planned to Jakarta, Prague, and Vietnam in the next few years. Those special friends who show up in your life in two different countries across the world from each other. Those are my see you laters. I refuse to say good bye.

I hope in these closing days I can get my thank yous, goodbyes, and see you laters straight. As much as I want to avoid the finality of them all I know it is important to close this chapter before I can begin a new one.

The life waiting on the other side is the one we chose for family. The one that fits us now.

And more than anything else, I know that I need to end well to begin well.


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