This week was the winner, handily beating me without much of a fight.

School was incredibly full-we worked a half day on Saturday and managed to host three different artists throughout the week. That led to packed days and exhausted evenings. I coped with this craziness by deciding NOT to run this week (when will I ever learn?!) and going to bed by 9 pm every night. I’ve been in a terrible mood and I’m hoping a weekend of rest and relaxation will be just what I need to recalibrate.

And so here, in rapid succession, are the seven quick takes from our week:

Sophie celebrated her ninth birthday! Around Christmas Paul and I agreed we wanted to scale back the birthday parties and focus more on family parties than friend parties. Sophie took the news quite well, but I was unsure how she’d feel when her day arrived. A few days before her birthday she decided she wanted to have our friends over for penne a la vodka and blueberry pie. We enjoyed an early dinner together and then she had one friend spend the night. It was very low key, but I think she still had a great day and felt very loved.


In addition to Sophie’s birthday, we also had our last Festival of Nations at school. It was a bittersweet day to see the kids walk in their last parade at this school. As it’s been every year, Noah walked for the U.S.A. and Soph and Stella for Brazil. I was almost convinced we’d have three kids walking for three different countries this year, but Stella decided to embrace her Brazilian roots. It always amazing to see the whole school gathered representing a ridiculous number of countries and religions together.IMG_7989

Even with this internet thing, I still manage to be so far behind everything important. I just discovered Audrey Assad this week. I can’t tell you the number of times I blasted her songs through my ear buds all through my lunch just so I could make it through the afternoon. Listening to this is like one long exhale and I’m only disappointed it took me this long to find her.

Stella and I went to mass this week. It was our first time attending our local church. It all felt a bit intimidating and there were quite a few stares since there aren’t very many (if any) other expats. Especially ones with long blonde hair. Stella sat patiently through the whole thing and got the promised rickshaw ride back home.


In just over a month Paul and I leave for Italy. Back when we thought we might be heading back to the US for good we decided we should book one last international trip. We booked Rome, Florence and Venice and then decided to stay overseas. So we’ve got big plans for our kids (spring intersessions at school), our reliable nanny, and hopefully enough wine to wash away the guilt of leaving them behind for a week.

Floating around Facebook today I learned that Qatar was the 19th most peaceful country in the world and the most peaceful country we will have ever lived in (the U.S., Brazil and India didn’t even make the list). Seven months or so until we move to the desert!

Finally, the Superbowl. Uh. So disappointing. As part of a self-protecting mechanism Noah’s already moved on to baseball season. Fingers crossed for next year.

Linking up with Kelly from This Ain’t the Lyceum to share the fascinating details of our week.


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