Hello Monday

Several times over the last few years I’ve participated in Lisa Leonard’s Hello Monday posts. These posts are meant to encourage us to greet the new week with an open heart and a fresh perspective. I love the idea that you can begin again each week.

Sometimes though, life calls for a bigger beginning on a Monday. Sometimes we have to accept that there are parts of ourselves that we need to acknowledge, say hello to, and welcome in to our lives.

Today marks the beginning of the second semester of the year. Our first week back at work. I have three new children joining our classroom community. We’re starting our final months in India. There are plenty of wonderful things to say hello to this morning.

However, this week I need to crack open my heart a little bigger for my hellos. Sweep all the pieces of myself that I so often try to bury deep in the depths and gather them up in my palm. For these pieces, and all the rest of me I offer up my hellos.

Hello to gentle words swirling on repeat in my head. Let them be heard and accepted.

Hello to a smile following the inevitable mess ups in the week. Let me recognize my humanity.

Hello to the chaos of raising little ones. Let me embrace all of it.

Hello to a loyal and steadfast husband. Let me appreciate him.

And the biggest hello of all to new habits. Let me garner the energy to keep these hellos fresh in my mind daily. To give them their necessary place in heart and keep them at the forefront of my actions.

And let us begin again. Happy Monday.

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