7 QT (The Jet Lagged Edition)


Here at the Kasky house we are in the throes of jet lag. I feel like our days could be captured by TLC and their “Extreme Jet Lag” reality show-our 3 am cups of coffee, the fruit snacks I dole out at midnight, the afternoon naps that seem so delicious at the time and really only make bedtime that much more painful. It’s all here. Paul and I started back to work on Thursday and the kids will head back Monday. By then the kids should be fine, but I have a feeling my professional performance this week has been noticeably sub-par. Not to mention the whole wifing-mothering gig is immensely more difficult when you’re running only on caffeine.

IMG_7760The kids and their well-masked feelings about saying goodbye to Seattle. 

Speaking of running…let’s start the 7 QT from the week right there.

My old friend running. I got a few great runs in while we were in Bainbridge. Running outside is so much better than being on the treadmill. Unfortunately, the January rain was a bit intimidating to me and I didn’t accomplish nearly as many runs as I wanted. So here we are again. I’m restarting my training with some fresh goals and a reminder of why I run at the front of my brain. No excuses.


The second thought bouncing through my brain (so lucky that I share this with everyone*) is that I need to find a way to live out my Catholic faith in more authentic ways here in Mumbai. Again, thinking in reality-show terms I think “A Lapsed Catholic does Mumbai” would be an appropriate title. I’ve done okay thinking through day to day changes (including the newly instituted No Meat Fridays *starting next week*) and getting up early to pray (so much easier with jet lag), but I haven’t had the courage to go to church on a regular basis. Time to get over that. Perhaps this beautiful rosary would do the trick.

We’ve started our last 5 months in India. The last time we moved continents with three kids I pretty much lost my mind. Really. Moving from Brazil to India was exhausting, intimidating, and incredibly anxiety-ridden. I am hoping to avoid that trap again. We have a few months until things like shipping, visas, and packing take over our lives so I’m trying to be proactive. Running and writing seem to do a lot to help me process these big changes, so I’m keeping those at the top of my schedule.

My sweet Sophie found an orphaned baby pigeon in the courtyard of the apartment on Wednesday. Since then she’s been feeding him oats and water, changing his nest and attending to him like a good mama. He’s peeping and starting to stretch his wings a bit, so I’m hoping he’ll be ready for release soon. Preferably before he dies in the shoebox in the kitchen.


While the rest of my Facebook world is buried deep in snow and cold weather, it is remarkably pleasant here in Mumbai. It’s almost a bit chilly in the mornings. There are lots of hats, sweaters, and coats to be seen around, but for most of us expats we’re just happy to not be sweating by 8 am.

IMG_7779Morning rickshaw rides are my favorite.

I loaded up on actual books (as opposed to the e variety) before we left the States. Queued up on my nightstand are No Drama Discipline, Yes Please, and The Rosie Project. So excited to dig into the stack. Hopefully before spring break.

And…I don’t have anything else. It’s 5 am (technically still Friday in Seattle) and my coffee hasn’t kicked in. Going to run in a bit and enjoy the last weekend before we launch into the daily grind again.


I’m linking up with This Ain’t The Lyceum for SQT this week!

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