Almost Amish {a book review}

I took the girls to the library yesterday. Since Bainbridge is pretty much our piece of heaven on Earth we are lucky enough to have an amazing library just a couple blocks away. In the summer, it is a mainstay in our week, but yesterday was our first visit in the winter. School was back in session and we almost had the place totally to ourselves. Once the girls were settled I left Sophie in charge and made a quick run up to the “adult section” upstairs. And by adult, let’s be clear that I mean long books with chapters and not the alternative definition.

Because my time was limited and I hadn’t done any research ahead of time, I took to the shelves Supermarket Sweep-style. I tossed several books that looked interesting or whose titles I recognized into my basket and made a beeline for the checkout. We only have a week left on the Island (*sigh*) so I limited myself to three books.

We headed home, in a gesture equivalent to harnessing a three-horned unicorn, Paul took all the kids to the park to play some rainy day football. That left me with a warm bed and a new book calling my name.


This book caught my attention because I recognized the authors’ name. Several years ago I picked up the book “Serve God Save the Earth” and was interested in learning about the idea of creation care. This book is written by his wife, and its focus on simple living and the short-readable narrative drew me in.

The books is divided into ten chapters, each one focusing on a tenet of Amish living. These include home, technology, finances, nature, simplicity, service, security, community, families and faith. I enjoyed each chapter-they are easy reads, and while none of the information is particularly new, I did find it convenient to have so many ideas in one place.

My only hesitation is that I felt that there seemed to be a tone of “my way or the highway” as I read through the chapters. So many of the ideas are applicable to many situations, but other pieces of advice such as always live geographically close to family, seem to be a bit out of reach for many of us.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. It’s a good reminder for about the things I want to keep front and center in our life-faith, simplicity, home and family. It’s a quick read and a fun take on our modern lives.


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