12 in 2014

Late to the party, but here’s my link up with Dwija to share some highlights from 2014. It’s always fun to look back on a year in its entirety-especially when it feels like maybe you got a whole lot of nothing done. As excited as I am for the new year, it does seem appropriate to celebrate our accomplishments as a family in 2014. We traveled a ton, survived and thrived during another year in India, Paul finished his Masters, and we celebrated our first Christmas on Bainbridge. Cheers to all of that!

January kicked off with our last few weeks in the States. We made a stopover in Amsterdam on our way back to India. A visit to the Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh museum and hanging out with good friends confirmed that Amsterdam remains one of our favorite cities.


In February I snuck away for a few days for a work conference. I visited Muscat, Oman and began my love affair with the Middle East. I don’t think I had any idea we’d end up there next year, but it definitely showed me how narrow my understanding of this area of the world is. Muscat is beautiful!


March brought our third celebration of Holi. It’s definitely our favorite Indian festival-what better way to welcome spring than colored powder and water guns?!


We traveled to North Goa in March. Goa’s our favorite weekend getaway, but we went a different route this time. Our “three little pigs house” (according to Stella) was so much fun-ten steps to the beach, cold cheap beer, and a short hike to an amazing French restaurant.


In April we finally felt settled into our new apartment in Mumbai. The bigger space and shorter commute were a plus, as was the playground.


We made it back to Bainbridge in June! Despite the freaky looks on our faces in this picture, we were thrilled to enjoy our third summer on the island.


July was filled with trips to the farmers’ market, the parks, and a few drives up to Port Townsend. Perfection.


The monsoon was in full effect when we got back to India in August. A short weekend trip to Lonovala proved to be just the thing to get us back into the Mumbai groove.


September means soccer in this family. We even let the littlest play this year. For a full two weeks. Then we decided 7:30 was just too early for all of us to be out the door and sitting on the soccer field for five hours straight was too painful. She forgot about it quickly. Maybe next year.


My history loving girl dressed up as Laura Ingalls Wilder for Halloween. This year, more than ever, her spunk and spirit has become apparent.


We also celebrated our final Diwali in India.


In November Paul finished his Masters! Whohoo! No more solo parenting on the weekends.


Sophie sang at her final tree lighting in December. We counted down to our break on Bainbridge and began our final six months in India.

Bring on the adventures of 2015!

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