Your children, no matter how amazing and loved, will disappoint you. You will be going along feeling like you’re doing a half -way decent job and then without warning something will change. And you will suddenly see that all the perfection you’ve done your best to craft is just an illusion of the truth. It will happen and it is better to know it from the get go.

You can feed your children all homemade organic baby food, breastfeed them, and cloth diaper them.

But they will still disappoint you.

You can find the best Montessori-Reggio-Waldorf hybrid preschool in the world, let them play with only wooden toys, and read to them every single night.

But they will still disappoint you.

You can enroll them in the perfect balance of after school activities, give them just the right amount of screen time daily, and ensure they are completing their homework every night.

But they will still disappoint you.

The strangest thing about parenting a new adolescent is the very real daily reminders that they are, in fact, their own people. You can give them guidance, support, and a do your best to help them forge a path, but in the end, it is on them to find their way. And suddenly the things you once cared so much about are less important than ever before because they were more about creating an appearance than creating a person.

And as parents we are in the business of creating people.

People who will, from time to time, disappoint you.


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