Sorry Not Sorry

She chatters incessantly at bedtime. Lately the 45 minute routine has been driving me crazy. She always has just one more thing to tell me. Or one more question. Or needs one more check that her teeth are super clean. After 15 minutes I go into shut down mode. A better parent wouldn’t let her run the show this way. Every other four year old in the world goes to sleep without half as much fuss. I’ll never get the quiet time I need.

Tonight Paul was out for a bit, the other kids were busy reading, and I was just plain tired so I laid in bed with her. You can either view this as lazy parenting or amazingly empathetic parenting. It could really go either way.

And l let her prattle on.

And on.

And on.

In that time she determined every number that rhymes with a million is even bigger than the preceding number. She once saw a man with a hangy thing on his ear lobe. She has 4 names picked out for our yet to be adopted puppies. The super cutest names ever. Kay, Colorful Rainbow, Heart, and Rosie. And Noah’s her favorite brother.

And as she went on talking herself in circles, my mind began to drift. I noticed that she never once apologized.

She never apologized for dominating the conversation.

Or for being oversensitive.

Or for being arrogant.

She never became self-concious that what she was saying might be silly.

Or boring.

She never apologized for being herself.

She never apologized for apologizing.

And there it was.

When I stopped to listen I heard the truth.

And then wondered how she can possibly hold so much wisdom in her tiny little body.



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