This week might just be the best week ever. And that has nothing to do with the fact that I worked a two day week and had an amazing girls’ staycation downtown. Pinky swear.

1. I can’t believe October is nearly over. I know it seems like I say this month after month. But October really did fly by (two school breaks may have helped). I’m headed to Doha, Qatar for a conference the week after next. And then it’s practically December and we’re home on Bainbridge for Christmas.ParkersBoatOkay. So maybe I’m rushing that part a bit. But time is flying and I’m not sad about it.

2. Girls’ Staycations are the pretty much the best thing ever. Two friends and I stayed at the Taj Hotel downtown for two nights this week. We shopped, slept, ate and drank to our hearts content. We also pulled down curtains and broke a chair at a sem-fancy restaurant before even a single drink had been served. A good time was had by all.


3. Mumbai can be a beautiful city. Being downtown rekindled my love for Maximum City. There’s a different vibe downtown and during Diwali the colors and the lights are so beautiful.


4. My Early Childhood teaching uniform of trouser jeans, a tunic and sandals has been outlawed by the new “no jeans” policy at school. As someone who spends 3/4 of my day on the floor with kids, I’m feeling a bit unsure about what to wear that allows me to sit criss-cross applesauce and essentially squat in tiny chairs. Look for wardrobe updates coming soon. There are some very intriguing posts about the infamous Capsule Wardrobe that have got me thinking.

5. I’ve been wanting a house dress or muumuu since I saw this gorgeous picture on Pinterest. Cause I’m sure that’s exactly what I’d look like once I put it on.




I found a pretty good one this weekend. Not sure it’s THE one. But it’s close. And I love it. The end.

6. I have some big healthy plans brewing in my brain these days. That always seems to be the case, but this time everything seems more within reach. More possible. We’ll have to see how (if) these things turn out when the time is right.

7. We have the rest of our travel mapped out for our time overseas. There may be a few weekend trips here and there, but Bainbridge Island (December), Italy (March) and Dubai (May) are all on the docket for now.

And just a bit of photo spam from the week:

IMG_6031 IMG_6055

IMG_6088More 7 QT at Conversion Diary

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