When the Going Gets Tough

It’s been a bit of a rough week around these parts. And by rough, I mean in a very first world way. There have been childcare issues, crazy evenings, early morning meetings, and packing for a school trip that has Noah gone for the next three days. Nothing terrible or catastrophic-just a bunch of little things that tend to grate on my nerves until Tuesday night feels like Thursday night and that Fall Break from last week seems very, very far away.

The palm of my hand is my barometer during times like these. When I’m stressed, whether in actuality or just in my brain, I get a patch of dry skin on my hand. As my stress gets worse, the dry skin gets worse.

Let’s just say I’m close to wearing gloves indoors at this point.

I grasp for some piece of control during these times. I’ve made lists of morning and afternoon routines for the kids. Heck, I even made a flowchart for their screen time. I’ll take any allusion of order that I can.

And so, I do what I do when things feel chaotic.


I signed up for another half marathon. I’ve gotย Yukon Do Itย on the calendar for December 28. I need a training schedule and a race deadline. I need workouts put on the calendar and the peace that comes with a draining run. I’m excited to run in the cold air, along the Puget Sound, and question my sanity step by step for (hopefully less than) three hours.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 8.25.15 PM

For me, when the going gets tough, the tough register for a half marathon.

My legs will burn, my brain will turn to mush as I turn mile after mile on the treadmill, and somehow that will propel me forward through this dark and narrow tunnel.

eugene marathon

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