Setting Sail


My heart is heavy when I think about leaving our current school. I love this school. Nothing about it is easy, but there’s a constant reassurance when you have faith in everything you do. I am torn. Like all parents, I want what is best for our kids and us, and while our school fulfills that dream, India doesn’t anymore.

For all the mystery, celebration, and culture India can offer, it can’t do anything to give my children green grass, a place to play ball, and cleaner air. Things that are quickly becoming difficult to navigate for all three of them.

So what is one to do?

We will do what all parents do-prioritize the children’s needs, find a new normal and recalibrate as a family.

This is the rocky part-when we can still see the beach as we sail out to sea. Our minds telling us to turn around and head back to safety while our hearts tells us to take courage for the journey ahead.

Soon enough we will settle into the in between, but for now I find myself squirming in its confines.



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