Eugene Marathon 2014

It’s finally here! Eugene Marathon race weekend arrived at last. To be honest, since we arrived back Stateside in June this weekend has slowly crept off my radar and only in the last 7 days did it actually dawn on me that the time has arrived.

Originally I had planned to make Eugene my first marathon. I was determined and I followed my training plan religiously, but after putting in a 15 mile training run (on a treadmill no less!) I truly felt that the timing wasn’t right. It wasn’t my marathon time quite yet. And so I reregistered for the Eugene Half Marathon. That’s what I will be running on Sunday. My foot is thanking me profusely right now.

seattle half.jpg

By the time I changed my registration I had already registered for the Seattle Rock and Roll Half Marathon and the See Jane Run Half. Quickly my goal evolved from completing the Eugene Marathon to completing three half marathons in five weeks. So that’s where I am right now-determined to make my way across the finish line one more time so I can claim my place among the Half Fanatics. Seattle was a tough race physically, See Jane was difficult mentally, and I have no idea what Eugene will hold. I truly just want to cross the finish line in one piece and take in the magic of Hayward Field.

See Jane Run.jpg

I want to enjoy our last weekend in the States, indulge in a great dinner from a sweet student here, sample Voodoo Doughnuts, visit and an Ale House or two, and have some fun on a road trip with the family. For the first time in years, I don’t have a single upcoming race planned following Eugene. I’ve got some time to reevaluate and consider what I want out of running and what I can do from here on out.


A perfect way to end my summer of half marathons.




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