Golden Days


The first thoughts begin to creep in around the 5th of July. After the excitement of the 4th, complete with Stella’s birthday, things settle down and I slowly start the mental list. I start checking the dimensions of L.L. Bean’s duffel bags and compare them against Emirates’ baggage guidelines. I pick up exceedingly large blocks of cheese at the store and approximate how many we will need to make all the grilled cheese, appetizers, and pasta dishes we want until December. I eagerly drop things into my cart on Amazon and wait for the right moment to ship them out. I consider my work assignments that need to be completed before we return in August and start chipping away at them.

At first, these tasks fall like a drop into a bucket. One here, one there. A burst of them all at once and then nothing for hours. But over the next few weeks they will start to occupy more and more of our {my} time. The last week before we return is a downpour of last minute visits to Target, stuffing bags, crossing off items on the to-do list, and weighing luggage.

It seems like it can’t be. There’s too much summer still waiting to be had. The perfection of the Northwest summer is just beginning. The Farmers’ Market just burgeoning. And our minds and bodies just exhaling. But in just over three weeks we will head back to Mumbai for our fourth year.

The rhythm of our life in these moments is equally frustrating and comforting. I want both stability and adventure in the same breath.

How are these days so fleeting?

I want to drink it up with everything I have so on those long Mumbai days-those days when the city is deafening, the work exhausting, and the chaos overwhelming-I will still have Bainbridge. I’ll have the golden light and salty air. The silence. The simplicity. All tucked away in a little corner of my heart, sustaining me until December.



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