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Thinking about: how we can be sure we are living intentionally. We left the States in an effort to make sure we weren’t becoming complacent with where we were professionally and socially. It’s challenged everything we thought about ourselves, but on the the flip side, I also want to be sure we aren’t becoming complacent in our current situation. It’s a delicate balance between stability and intentionality. It is taking up a lot of my head space right now!



Our little family. Just want what is best for all of them.

Reading: Just 18 Summers. I also have 5 or so books coming into the library from around Kitsap County today. This public library thing is just amazing.

Listening to: The Simple Mom podcasts. So amazing and fun. I listen while I fold laundry, clean the house, run, and cook. Can’t get enough right now.

Watching: embarrassingly, trash television. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine. Celebrity Wife Swap is at the top of my list right now.  And the Today Show. Both are unavailable in India so I am just flying my American flag and enjoying these fine cultural works.

Thankful for: Bainbridge Island. I can’t help but believe everything that is right in the world happens right here on this island. I am so grateful we have a place here. It’s absolute perfection for two months a year.


Eagle Harbor Park downtown. Like 2 minutes away.


Sunday picnic and hula hoop practice


Taking second and third place in their age groups for the Bainbridge Fun Run.

Clearly they get their speed from me {or not}.





5 thoughts on “Currently

  1. I love trashy reality TV too. Sometimes it’s nice to watch something you don’t have to think about and can just laugh at. I spent some time in India and my roommate and I loved watching American movies with the subtitles. It was our way to relax after some long days.

  2. Your picture of the island makes me want to visit! I love when a photo can capture so much and give you “wanderlust.” Thanks for the small escape!

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