Settling In

Time seems to move to fast here. I know we’re in the midst of the sweet life and I just don’t want our break here to fade too quickly. This is our third summer here on Bainbridge and the one I feel like we’re using to settle in.


To make a home.

We know that cloudy mornings lead to sunny afternoons.

We know where the best parks are.

We know which grocery store we prefer.


And we’ve almost mastered the library’s hours.

After years of pouring an insane amount of money into a summer rental, we bought a car this year. It’s an old Saab and I love it. It feels so great to be driving a car that isn’t ridiculously huge, has a sun roof, and could go reasonably fast if we wanted it to. We just pack the kids in the backseat, open up the windows, and go. It’s perfect.

We also started some pretty basic kitchen renovations. The other morning Paul woke up with a gleam in his eye and I knew it was time. Time to rip out the horrible 1970s overhead cabinetry that turned our small kitchen into a dungeon. Within an hour the cabinets were down, as well as the huge wooden fluorescent light. We’ve ordered new appliances and are looking at new countertops too. Slowly but surely we are making this place our own.



Paul’s ripping out the overhead cabinets. We’re actually trying to keep the other cabinets, but these made the kitchen so heavy and dark, so out they went.


“Elsa” showed up and did a musical rendition of “Let It Go” in honor of getting rid of the 1970s kitchen.



The throw away pile from round 1. Just removing these cabinets and replacing the gigantic dated light in the kitchen has made a huge difference!

We’re almost to the end of week 2. We also got a new bed for Noah (and any guests that brave our small quarters!), have appliances on order, and a counter top estimate set up for week 3.

So happy to finally have this place feeling like our own.


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