Happy Birthday Noah {two months later}

I found this saved in my drafts folder. It got lost in the shuffle of work, soccer games, deadlines, and packing. But it is all so 100% true I couldn’t not post it. Even if it is 2 months late.


He was born before Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. And Instagram. Which means capturing photos of Noah as a baby amounted to uploading them from our camera (a real one, not a phone) and dragging him into Target once or twice a year to have him sit for portraits. And not one of these photos had a vintage filter, sun flair, or a hashtag. But I am so glad to have them. I spent tonight, on the eve of what the doctors said should have been his tenth birthday, looking through photos of my boy. I dug deep into the depths of my wearied brain and logged onto both Shutterfly and Snapfish to find the earliest photos I could. It only took two or three before the tears were rolling down my cheeks. How could this boy be turning 10? This boy made me a mother. He spared no sympathy in building me up for the role-crying and sleeplessness (both his and mine)-were hallmarks of his babyhood.

But to see who is today? I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Happy belated social media birthday, Noah! You are the best son and big brother our family could have asked for.

One thought on “Happy Birthday Noah {two months later}

  1. And an absolutely solid gold grandson. We so love you, Noah, and still can’t believe the beautiful, wondrous blessing that is our first grandchild. Little Granpa, Mimi xoxoxo

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