2014-05-24 06.13.12


So I’ve had 3 solid months of marathon training and another two in front of me. It’s been slow and tedious, thrilling when I run those big miles, and filled with a whole lotta questions. And doubt. And more questions.

Today I ran 15 miles. 15. And it didn’t totally suck the whole time. It’s been a rough week-I have gone out more this week than in the rest of the year combined-and my sleep, nutrition, and general well-being have been a bit compromised. So I wasn’t sure what to expect with today’s long run. After another late night I couldn’t rouse myself for a 4:45 wake up so I wasn’t on the treadmill until 7:45, but I was done by 11 and was able to {sort of} enjoy the rest of the day swimming and hanging with the kids.

It’s interesting where I am right now-I seem to be in this zone where my marathon training and “end of the year” training are in the exact same spot. Both are filled with essential days that cannot be skipped, high highs and low lows, and the promise of victory at the end. Somehow each experience is reinforcing the other and I’m finding myself leaning into the vulnerability of both as much as possible. Suddenly, this quote makes perfect sense.




I spend half my time cursing my stupidity for taking on such a crazy challenge at such a busy time, but I think it is also keeping me sane. The structure of the workouts, the excuse for a mid afternoon nap here and there, and the distraction from the emotional roller coaster that is the month of June for expats. It’s all working out.

In other news…we had a weekend away last week. We got out of Mumbai to wish some good friends off on their new adventure next year. The kids joined me on Saturday morning and had a blast soaking up the mountain air. This trip will definitely have to happen again when Paul can join us. Noah played pool and ping pong, Sophie visited the neighbor’s horses and played with the dogs, and Stella had a built in playmate. It was amazing and just what we needed to carry us through the last weeks of school.

2014-05-24 10.37.312014-05-24 10.40.002014-05-24 11.30.27 HDR


These two were pretty ridiculous together. In the best possible ways.


2014-05-24 18.21.092014-05-24 18.34.49

And so, here we are. Two weeks left. 9.5 days. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it looks like this.



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  1. You are amazing! It must take a huge amount of physical and mental strength for you to keep up with the marathon training! An accomplishment!!

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