The Skies I’m Under



Right now, I want so many things. Most of which I cannot have.

I’d like a Sunday dinner with family.

Cousins running underfoot.

Screen doors open and tulips blooming.

Baseball games and ferry rides.

A long run outside.


And I can predict what this list will like come late July. There will still be so many things I want, but cannot have.

A weekend trip to Goa.

Date night with my husband.

Work I am passionate about and laughter with colleagues.

Someone else to change my sheets and clean my bathrooms.

An afternoon at the Hyatt.

A margarita from Sanchos.


Isn’t this the way it always is?

Longing for what you cannot have without being able to appreciate where you are and what you do have right now. At times it is easy to blame my cultural aches on living in a foreign land. It’s India’s fault. She can’t give me what I want. Like a spoiled child.

And yet, I know that’s not the truth. It’s all right here within me. The decision to lean in and embrace the suckΒ the mile I’m in.

Six more weeks, India.

Allow my eyes to see your beauty and protect my heart from meandering to fields I cannot yet wander.

Help me learn to love the skies I’m under.

And also, please stop shooting off your fireworks again because I finally got my girls to sleep.



One thought on “The Skies I’m Under

  1. This fleeting moment of time, we share that longing for things just beyond our reach … only to realize that soon, very soon, we shall know them in abundance; even as the heart shall yet again yearn for that other just beyond our reach …

    It all speaks to a tender heart in love with life. Beautiful, on so many levels, just beautiful.

    xoxo Your Dad

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