Seven Quick Takes {Spring Break Hangover Edition}


Our first week back to work was just as hectic as I expected. Paul’s wrapping up a class, getting ready to start a new one (that involves 3 Saturday sessions), and I am focus on trying not to lose my mind in balancing work, the kids, and marathon training. I am starting a girls’ running club on Friday mornings because things weren’t quite busy enough. But how lucky we are to be so busy. Kids are happy and most of the time (especially after a glass of wine) we’re happy too.


Just dreaming of last week. A week of leisurely breakfasts, ocean walks, and good reading.


I’m getting old. Last week I had my hair colored back to my natural dark brown. It had some reddish orange at the ends and a little patch of grey in the front. Also, I can’t see very well any more. By the end of the day I can’t bear to spend time in front of the computer or reading. My eyes hurt and are tired. My appointment with the optometrist is tomorrow and my bet is I’ll have glasses by next weekend.



It’s getting hot here.
Too hot to play outside for much time, but the pool is the perfect temperature.




I’ve changed my desktop picture to Bainbridge Island. Two and half months to go until we’re in the magical land of ferries, farmers’ markets, and Target.





Noah’s 10th birthday is coming! We’re planning a bowling party and sleepover for a few close friends. Hoping to make some headway on this this weekend.




Paul and I are headed to Bangkok over the first weekend in May. We have a long weekend and we’re going to leave the kids with Mae for a few days. We’re excited to have a relaxing flight, full length conversations, and time with Brazil friends. The kids will be in good hands (they’re already planning their itinerary while we’re gone) and Paul and I will get a little time together.



It’s hard to write on a Friday night. I’m tired and content to watch Frozen for the 100th time. Stella is quite obsessed with the movie and really wants a Princess Elsa dress for her birthday. Sounds reasonable. Here’s the going rate for a Princess Elsa dress from Amazon.

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 7.51.32 PM

Hoping my mom is feeling like she needs a project before July!


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