Manufactured Distractions

This week was sweet.


 After what felt like many long months of just passing kids back and forth so we both could catch up on work, we were finally able to spend many days in Goa, as a family, together. I realize what “many long months” is to me is nothing to single moms, military families, and so many others around the world, but since it is my blog, and I get to chose the words as I see fit, I’m going with many long months. It felt that way.


But last week we made up for it.

We spent the week barefoot, slightly sunburned, freckled, and happy. We met another family of teachers from the American School in Delhi and our kids and their kids spent hours entertaining each other in the waves and at the wading pool. We enjoyed cold Kingfishers and bottomless naan. We played games and devoured books. We braved a 108 degree day at the hippie market in Anjuna. We at dinner in the open night with beach dogs at our feet.


And then, we flew back.

I did my best to Instagram and Facebook the moments, as if that would allow me to tattoo them on my heart. Hold the memories tight and make them linger in my brain next week when my calendar is dinging, I’m drowning in Google docs, and can’t seem to keep my kids’ schedules straight. Those pictures are there for me when I’m running on empty.  

ImageAs we sat at breakfast one morning I couldn’t help but consider how much of what we do daily is nothing but manufactured distractions. Things that keep us busy to avoid seeing what is right in front of us. Sending that email, answering a text, pinning pictures for a birthday party, among a million other things that are all validly demanding our attention and yet blocking more important things from view. Those forgotten unseen things that vary for all of us, but for me, it’s hanging out with my husband, taking the littlest to the park for an hour, playing a board game with the older two, reading for pleasure, going for a run, and sleeping- just to start the list.

This week reminded me that the manufactured distractions will be there in the morning, but the other things, not so much.

Hold tight.


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