7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Spring Break is here

Like a child who can barely make it to the bathroom at the end of a long car ride-but thankfully does-we have arrived at Spring Break. In the teaching world, February and March are the equivalents of the long car ride. Both are never ending and you are not sure you’re actually going to arrive at your destination with much sanity left. I’d imagine most teachers feel this way (minus all my teacher friends in the DC area who enjoyed a record number of snow days this year) and these 10 days off are so, so needed. Yab Yum, here we come!

yab yum

Our Spring Break destination- Yab Yum Resort in Goa

— 2 —


Thursday Evening Tradition

 This week we met friends for a Thursday evening dinner and swim at the Hyatt. It was such a nice way to start winding down the week. In Sao Paulo every Thursday was Pasta Night and the unofficial start of the weekend. I like the idea of having a Thursday night tradition here in Mumbai as well. It’s starting to get quite hot here, so an evening swim is probably the most comfortable way to be outside this time of year.


— 3 —

Chef Sophie

Sophie’s been cooking up a storm lately. After watching a season of  Junior Master Chef she cannot be stopped. She cooks grilled cheese, pasta, tacos, and this week added hot chocolate from scratch and chocolate peanut butter balls to her repertoire. On Wednesday we had dinner with friends and Sophie spent most of her time rolling out the dough for the pizzas. She’s borrowed this book and cannot get enough of it.


— 4 —

Kindergarten Readiness

I don’t talk too much about work on the blog, but I read a great article on kindergarten readiness last night and it has really stuck with me. As an EC 4 teacher (the equivalent of pre-k in most US programs) one of the questions I’m most often asked by parents is what skills their child will need to be ready for kindergarten. While this is an understandable question, it really belittles where the child is and what he or she needs right now. A great read for parents and early childhood teachers alike.

A picture of some cute F-F-F-Fairies for Alphabet Dress Up Day in EC 3. 



— 5 —


For any other book lovers out there, my 21st Century mom let me in on a new app called Entitle. You can download e-books for about 5 dollars each using their system. They seem to have most books and it is just like reading on a Kindle app. Pretty good deal for those of us who tend to buy 2-4 books a month electronically.

Another book lover


— 6 —

Diet Coke


I’m pretty sure Mother Teresa was talking about her attempts to give up Diet Coke. I’ve been less than successful (2 this week) but I am continuing to try and be strong when 1 pm hits. Sound pathetic to be talking about a carbonated beverage like this, but when your week included 4 days of single parenting and a field trip with 37 4 and 5 year olds, I think it is allowed. I’ll keep doing my best and remain faithful that Diet Coke and I can break up for good.

— 7 —

3 months

In three months we’ll be back on Bainbridge Island. Who knew how much that place would come to mean to us? We’re all ready for some Mariners’ games, ferry rides, Doc’s fish and chips, camping, and outside time. And the really big aisles of cereal in Town and Country. Our tickets are bought (Mumbai-Dubai-Seattle) and we. cannot. wait.


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