“If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” 


I’ve heard that quote many times before and often got a good chuckle at it. I mean, sure my plans change and weeks turn out differently than I imagined, but I am not sure God’s ever had a bigger laugh at the Kasky’s plans than he did this month. Back at the beginning of February I wrote about the post-New Year hangover we were experiencing and vowed to get into a good routine the following month. And some of that fell into place-our bedtimes were more settled, I became consistent with my runs again, and I became better at meal planning-but all the while a tornado was building through the month. Work was spinning faster than ever this month and it was all that Paul and I could do to keep our collective heads above water. The month ended with four of the five of us (Stella’s got another year or two) presenting at our school’s tech conference, catching up with friends who’d flown in to Mumbai from around the world, and repeatedly whispered vows of “if we can just get through this week”.

The problem is, these chaotic weeks just turn into warp-speed months and before you know it we’ve reached the end of the year by doing nothing but waiting for the crazy weeks to pass. I don’t want to just get through the week. Or the month. Or the year.

To be honest, March promises to be more of the same but on some level I am determined to add more balance to our days (do I sound like a broken record?). Anne Lamott’s wise words, “If your children to grow up to spend this one precious life in a spin of multitasking, stress, and achievement, and then work out four times a week-would you pleased at your child’s pursuit?” ringing in my ears.

That isn’t what I want for them or for us. I want our Bainbridge summers, reading together, board games, camping, slow dinners (where everyone stays in their chairs for more than .2 seconds), and meaningful work. Searching for these things in the midst of plain old life happening is difficult and confusing, but still I am determined.

My dad introduced me to a blog of a friend of his. Though I haven’t had time to read through all of the posts, I was really inspired by her post on Lent and using these upcoming 40 days as a retreat. And not in the travel to a faraway place, sit in silence, and bask in the sun retreat. In a true, meaningful, and doable retreat. She says:

Start saying no. Start cutting back on the things which pull at your time, your heart and your financial and emotional resources. Be content to just be.

I can do that. We can do that as a family. I’m excited for the first time in a long time to begin the Lenten season.



These pictures have nothing to do with the post. But we are traveling to Goa later this month and these pictures capture some of my favorite memories of our family from last spring. That counts as a connection, right?

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