The Hangover

What is it about my thick skull that I cannot for the life of me accept that January is just going to do me in? 35 years in and I am still blown away by how exhausted I feel by February 1st. I am sure for this season of our lives the many changes of January- the 20-some hour travel time back to India, a birthday on both the first and last day of January, and back to school-does nothing but accelerate that exhaustion. This year we added a move across town, a trip to Amsterdam, a whole lot of doctor’s appointments, a birthday party, a basketball tournament and a work weekend in Oman to the mix. It’s February 2nd and I feel officially done. Not a good place to be with a solid ten months left in the year!

On the other hand, February means that a good many transitions are over for the time being and we can settle in, hibernate, and concentrate on what matters most for our family right now. But first a little recap. For us, January meant:


Some cousin fun on the ice rink.


A quick trip to Amsterdam. Pretty much my favorite city ever.


I love everything about this picture.


Stella making a new friend outside the new apartment. A good quality-of-life decision.


Beautiful Oman. A great whirlwind 48 hour trip.

And so, here we are. The beginning of February. I feel ready to settle down with routine (back to getting up early, meal planning, and running), enforce evening rhythms (read alouds for both the big kids and the Stella girl, packing bags and lunches at night) and relaxing on the weekend. Fingers crossed.

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