These last weeks leading up to vacation are insane. There’s the professional insanity-writing end of trimester reports, coming up with lesson plans that keep four year olds engaged for more than 2.5 seconds, Paul’s grad classes are wrapping up, high school exams and the school community responsibilities. Everyone needs just one more meeting to wrap up the semester too! Then there’s the personal insanity-the soccer with Santa, gingerbread house building, tree lightings, and birthday party commitments. Into all of that we’ve decided to add a move across town (and closer to school) since, well, we were obviously feeling bored. Consequently, blogging and instagramming has been on the back burner, but here’s a short recap of what’s been going on:


Hailing a rickshaw after dinner Thursday night. It’s so funny to see the cultural pieces the kids pick up. She thought nothing of holding her hand in the air to wave down a rick. She also struggles to make the “v” sound which is “wary entertaining” to the rest of us.


Sophie’s curiosity project on gymnastics. She’s spent over a month putting together a self-selected project on an interest area of her choice. Yesterday she, and the other second graders, got to present their learning at a Curiosity Fair. Thankful to be at a school that honors children’s interests.


Friday nights at home. I’ve never been a big socializer, but home feels cozy and relaxed. Especially on Friday nights.


Took the kids to see the move “Frozen” last weekend. They loved it. Stella’s added magical hands to her Christmas list this year.


The Seahawks have been great this year! Pretty much every Monday evening is dedicated to watching Sunday’s game. Noah’s been so excited. So excited he uses his sister’s bath toys to cheer on his favorite player.

In one week we’ll be on an airplane back to the States. Can. Not. Wait!

2 thoughts on “InstaFriday

  1. Abby, I loved Sophie’s curiosity project and Stella hailing a rickshaw is priceless! Have a very merry Christmas and a great time in the States!
    Beijos to the Kaskys!

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