InstaFriday (on a Friday!)


So it’s Friday and I am actually remembering to share a few photos from my Instagram this week on Friday! Whoohoo. Points for punctuality.

I was home for the first time all year with some sort of crud that just knocked me to the ground. The last two days I’ve felt completely exhausted along with a scratchy throat, headache, feverish, etc…All lovely things that I am hoping I haven’t passed along to anyone else. I don’t get sick very often so I’ll be the first admit that I can be less than sympathetic to my more sickly better half. But every time I do get sick, I make myself promise up and down that I will be nicer to others when they are sick because it just stinks. Happy to have the weekend to rest up a bit and get ready for another week.

A few snaps from the week:



Noah’s working on a new website. Seriously. Sports reporting. We’ll share it when he’s ready to launch.ImageThe best part of the day.Image


On a good running schedule these days. Running the Chennai 10k in two weeks and debating something big for 2014.ImageSophie made this shawl and light up crown for Stella at the Maker Studio last weekend. She loved it.ImageSaturday morning Twister games. It’s hard to rally for a game before I’ve finished my first cup of coffee, but I do my best.

Another week done and FIVE short weeks until we are States-bound for the holidays. We are all so very excited to see family, friends, and Target. I can’t wait!



2 thoughts on “InstaFriday (on a Friday!)

  1. If by chance you’re thinking of something big with the 2014 Seattle Rock n’ Roll marathon let your little brother-in-law know. I ran a half a couple months ago and have decided that I must run at least one marathon in my lifetime… and I love visiting Seattle.

    • Ryan,
      I am going to run the Eugene Marathon (7/27). I love the Seattle Rock and Roll and I’m open to running the half again. It’s a great race. Come out!!

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