InstaFriday (It’s Still Friday in the States!)

Linking up with Jeanette at Life Rearranged to share some weekly snaps from my phone.


Another week in the books. It seems (as it usually does) that life is flying by. I love looking at everyone’s beautiful pumpkin patch-leaf pile-hay ride pictures via Facebook and Pinterest, but it does make me really miss fall. The monsoons are still lingering here, which equates to hot and humid weather all day, every day.

This week was a mess of regular work days, soccer, after school activities, dentist and doctor appointments, and classroom visits. Sophie and Stella had their usual gymnastics classes, Noah and Sophie played soccer and I visited Stella’s class as the “Mystery Reader” on Wednesday. 

This weekend is shaping up for more of the same-two birthday parties, soccer games, and Paul’s in the thick of finishing one class and starting another. I’ll plan to take the kids to the pool and keep them out of his hair so he can work. He sweetly gave me two hours in the house alone this morning. It was great!




Little Sister’s first visit to the dentist. Thankfully she got a clean bill of health (and Wow Wow did too).



I love Stella’s squishy smile. She’s been loving the pool lately. She is learning to swim during her PE class for the next six weeks, so I am hoping she’ll be swimming confidently by the end of the year. She’s already braver in the water.




I got my hair cut! I cut about three inches off my hair last week. It’s still long enough to pull back when I run, but easy to dry and wear down. So far I am loving it.






With all of the kids classes and and appointments this week, there have been quite a few evening rickshaw rides. I kind of love zooming through the city in the dark.



Big Sister lost her fifth tooth less than five minutes after coming back from the dentist. She yanked it out on her own!

A good week, even if a bit busy. Here’s to hoping next week is just as much fun, but a little less hectic!

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