So after a week, I am completely sick of looking at my whining on the screen. Not that I look at our blog so often, but with these things you can FEEL that the post is there even when you aren’t exactly looking at it. And I’m done with it (At least for now. I make no promises about my complaining in the future).

We are finding our third year Mumbai rhythm as a family. Of course our days are long and busy, but our kids, both at home and in the classroom, are settling in and the days are becoming less nerve wracking. I suppose it is a good sign to feel somewhat nervous and anxious at the beginning of a new school year, but it can certainly do a number on you. Stella didn’t cry at drop off this morning. She let go of my hand and tentatively stood there while I ran out hoping and praying I wouldn’t here the “Mommy!” over my shoulder. She knows I am close by, but hasn’t realized she could actually just walk around a corner to find me. It’s better this way. I can see her on the playground and hear her singing happily, but I am not constantly in a tug of war between being mama and being a teacher. If I could only stop myself from meeting her at noon to say goodbye (and causing a new flood of tears when she sees I can’t go home with her) all would be well.

Noah and Sophie are so happy at school that I don’t think twice about their days. Of course, I always check in with them, but they have such great things to report and so often, insightful things to share. Noah has said he likes how his teacher is “making him feel creative, even though he always felt he wasn’t very good at art”. Sophie thinks she’s won the teacher lottery and complains about being stuck “at boring home” on Sundays. All is as it should be and better.

And I went for a run this week. I did four hard miles and have four more on the schedule tomorrow. I have a little plan for this running brewing in my brain but I am not sure I am brave enough to execute. We’ll see.

So all is well. The kids are better versions of themselves just a week into the school year and we’re finding our Mumbai rhythm {as a family}.

A few snapshot from this week: 



My littlest. In school. All by herself.Image

Look at that form! Pretty impressive. ImageNoah and Sophie (first day)ImageThese two have been getting along so well. Most of the time.ImagePaul and me (according to Stella)…see the goatee?

ImageRooftop scootering. It’s not Fay Bainbridge, but we’ll take it.

So things are better. I am committed to celebrating this year and where we are right now. That means no more pictures of Bainbridge for a bit. Instead, take a look at this that happened yesterday:Image

A celebration of Rakhi right in our home. Something that was so sweet and loving and would have never, ever happened had we not been exactly where we are right now. 

Life is good.

PS: Thanks for all the loving words and hugs that the last post brought in. Hearing from friends and family, and people who have been right where I am right now is the best. It meant so much to me.

Things are good.



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