Goodbye Summer!

GoodbyesI am trying to remain upbeat and centered over the next few days so that *hopefully* the kids don’t lose it. I know that they are watching us for reassurance that we are excited about a new school year, fresh opportunities, and the unknown of another year in Bombay. We ARE excited, but sometimes the transition from one thing to another can be difficult. We love our life here in Bainbridge.  We love our life in Bombay. Sometimes, though, moving from one to another can leave us longing for what we left behind. Especially when that thing was months of being outside, baseball games, ferry rides, and s’mores. Goodbye Summer 2013. Goodbye Bainbridge. You were awesome.

Summer collage


One thought on “Goodbye Summer!

  1. OK so you know how emotional I get … But totally get the beauty of both opportunities; the photos touch our hearts. Time with you and Paul and those three precious ones in Bainbridge was just terrific, could not have been better.

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