InstaFriday {on a Sunday}…again

I try and try to keep up with the blog, but between being a mom, working, and running the miles I need to for training, it just isn’t happening lately! That doesn’t mean I won’t try again though. For all of those family members who aren’t on Instagram (I’m kaskyfam) I thought I’d post a few of the most recent pics from there. Now that I have my iPhone, I love that I can get even more pictures of the kids throughout the day.

These are my favorite. The sweet, simple every day moments. Here are a few recent ones:


This silly face is one Noah used to make when he was little. We’d all but forgotten about it when Stella started doing it too. Now it’s a Kasky original. Stella said its her favorite thing about Noah on hisbirthday, so we all practiced doing “the face”.


Afternoon reading.


More of “the face” in honor of Noah’s birthday.


It’s getting hot here. Really hot. As in, even the pool is getting too hot to swim in. That didn’t stop us though!


Dueling Handstands


Little Sister’s version of the handstand. Noah was sweet and commented “Wow! Look how straight your legs are!”. Stella was thrilled.


Sophie and I did some shopping down at Pali Market last weekend. Just as we turned to cross the {very} busy street, she put out her hand to stop the rickshaw coming towards her. I wish I could have captured that with my phone! It’s a very Indian way to cross a street…there aren’t any crosswalks, or lights, and the traffic never lets up, so when you need to cross the street, you actually just stop the traffic. I couldn’t believe what a natural she was!

We head home in just over a month. Every one of us is counting down the days at this point. The year has been full and wonderful, but we are all ready for some time on Bainbridge.  I’ll do my best to keep up until then.

One thought on “InstaFriday {on a Sunday}…again

  1. Thanks for the little stories and pictures. Can’t wait to see everyone in Bainbridge! Hugs for everyone!

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