Lately things have been really busy. Not that they aren’t usually, but that’s been ratcheted up a notch since January.  Paul’s been taking classes, coaching basketball, Noah and Sophie are in activities and Saturday sports, and I am in perpetual training mode for a half marathon and triathlon this summer. All good things. All exhausting things. So blogging is the first thing to go.  But when I find myself taking fewer pictures I find myself struggling to appreciate the small moments of our day.  The little moments of beauty and the slow Sunday mornings. So here’s to trying to capture those moments more often.


ImageLately, we’ve trying to have Sunday dinners on the rooftop. Nothing fancy-pizza, water, and scooters dominate, but the sunset is pretty amazing. It’s a nice way to start the week.



Lately, this girl has been experimenting with fashion. Like argyle socks with soccer cleats. Of course.Image

Lately, this one has been wanting to do EVERYTHING just like her big brother and sister. She asks every day if she is three so she can go to our school.


Lately, this one has been swimming up a storm. She’s excited to try out for Fast Swim next year and she’s working on learning to do the butterfly and flip turns.  Maybe I can learn a thing or two from her before my July triathlon.

And lately, Noah has wanted nothing to do with the camera. But I assure you he’s fine. Playing soccer nonstop. Swimming every Wednesday and Thursday for ASB. Keeping up with American sports and counting down the days until we return to Bainbridge Island.

One more week until Spring Break and we couldn’t be happier. Lately, it seems, all we need is a little fresh air and down time!



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