We had a nice weekend. It was good to relax. This past weekend was sandwiched between the craziness of last weekend {birthday parties and a race} and this coming weekend {Paul’s in Delhi, soccer and swimming begin, and Sophie’s birthday party}.


We started the weekend grilling with friends on the rooftop. The view from above:


Mumbai can be crazy, but there is a peace about looking out over the Arabian Sea.  At this time of year it is breezy and the starts are brilliant. It’s a nice oasis in the middle of our city.

ImageThis girl can nap. Unfortunately, her naps usually come on around 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Which means if she naps, she’s up super late.  It’s hard to tell her no especially if it means one of us can curl up with her.  She’s our snuggle bug.


I finally started on our wall above the dining room table. I have the kids’ art work framed and I’m looking to add a few more pieces to fill up the space. I love the bright colors!

ImageThese two don’t often seek each other out, but when they do the sweetness is overwhelming.  Sophie’s getting better about being patient with Stella, and Stella is getting better about not destroying everything that doesn’t belong to her. 

Loving the quiet weekends lately.  It may be March before another one appears, but they’re worth the wait!




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