hello monday

A few snapshots that capture our week.  Paul and I headed back to school today to participate in our school’s Unplugged Impact conference. Stella also made her way back to the Hyatt for preschool.  There were only three children there today (all teachers’ kids) so it was a nice, gentle transition for her. The big kids return to school tomorrow.  Here’s to our first work week of 2013!

P.S. In an effort to embrace budgeting and minimalism, all pictures were taken with my 2010 iTouch (yes, people still have those) and not the very much coveted iPhone 5. I’m sure based on the picture quality you could tell this, but I felt the need to offer the disclaimer. I just can’t carry my Nikon around everywhere.


Hello, Monday morning on Golf Links Road.  Rickshaws getting ready for the day.  When we came back from our European vacation one of Sophie’s first comments was, “Aahh. Back in India” with a look of pure contentment and joy on her face.  I could {and should} learn a lot from that girl.Image

Hello, early morning breakfast for Stella girl.  I am afraid she may have inherited some of her mama’s OCD tendencies.  Like wiping her hands between each bite to keep the Nutella in check. Ah, well, what are you gonna do? Makes clean up easier.ImageHello, squishy smile. Stella loves having her picture taken these days. This, however, is her “smile”. I love the smushy cheeks and squinty eyes.Image

Hello, my not-so-happy boy.  He loves sports, but he remains incredibly sensitive.  Seahawks losing? Devastation. There’s always next year.


Hello, back to work. Lucky enough to hear the latest brain research from Dr. Larry Rosen on parenting and teaching the iGeneration. Interesting stuff.  Also got the chance to see Dr. David Souza who I originally saw 10 years ago in Prince William County. Small world.

This week will be a busy one. Back to work. Back to school. Back to the grind. And the routine {which I love}.

I am supposed to run a half marathon on Sunday. The whole Christmas holiday sort of interfered with my training and I can’t decide whether to suffer through the half or run the 8 kilometer Dream Run. What to do. What to do.

Happy 2013! The new year finally feels real around here!

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