In Which I Decide Our Brazilian-American is Pretty Much British-Indian

At this point, our Stella-girl has spent most of her life in India.

Her first eleven months were in Brazil, she’s done two short summer stints in the U.S.and has spent almost 20 months in India.  We intentionally hired people to care for Stella with exceptional English, but their English is more of the British variety and less of the American variety. As a result, if you spend a few hours with Stella and you may need a translator.  Here are some of Stella’s “favourite” international sayings:

Zed: the last letter of the alphabet

Tumble Dry: the dryer

Mobile (mo-bile): cell phone

Paining (As in, my leg is paining me!): something hurts

Sausage: hot dog

Pram: stroller

Lift: elevator

Biscuit: cookie

Dust bin: trash can

And the best (and most frequently used):

“It’s not properly!”: something is not exactly 100% how it should be: her shoe is too loose, her drawing isn’t perfect, her hat is a tiny bit crooked, or some other indication that she has her mama’s OCD personality.

And in more information than you’d probably like to know, she’ll insist you use the hose if she happens to do a “big job” in the toilet. So, there you have it, our Brazilian-American daughter is officially more British-Indian than anything else!


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