A Special Visitor

This year we finally joined all that is American and right in the world by getting our very own “Elf on a Shelf”.  He arrived just after the beginning of December (Minnesota mail was a few days late) and has been sent to watch and see if our kids behave.  The story is, he flies back to the North Pole every night and gives reports on the kids’ behavior and then find his way back to our house in the morning.  The kids love to wake up and find him, but I don’t really think they care about what kind of report they are getting each night.  To be fair, this isn’t something that Paul and I emphasize with the kids.  I think both of us feel a little funny pulling the Santa card and thankfully our children are generally, more or less behaved.  So we’ve kept it low key, waking each morning to see where Benji (the elf) has found himself next.

The Pinterest loving, perfectionist in me would love to be one of the mom’s that surprises the kids with new elf antics every morning, but our mornings are already chaotic, and with five people in a relatively small apartment, we don’t need any more messes.  So this year, Benji is a relatively well behaved elf, showing up each morning in funny spots.  ImageImageImage

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