We came. We saw. We conquered.

A few weeks ago the very first Starbucks opened in India.  It is in South Bombay, a bit of a hike under ideal circumstances and normally a real pain to get to, but we’d been wanting to go check it out.  This morning we had our driver show up nice and early so we could beat the traffic and Bekah and I set off with the kiddos to scope out Starbucks.  It took us about thirty minutes to get there without hitting any traffic.  The store is amazing.  It is housed in an old gorgeous building, two stories, and the most beautiful Indian decor.  It is such a nice blend of the comforting normalcy of every other Starbucks in the world and Indian culture.  We ordered our coffees and hot chocolates before settling our selves upstairs.  The kids dined on cinnamon rolls as big as their heads and we sipped our coffee in relative peace.  Sophie, as you can see, was in a funk, but the rest of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  I think we’ll be back soon!


gorgeous store


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