Festival of Lights

Finally! After 14 long weeks of teaching (with only one four day weekend thrown in!) we’ve finally made it to Fall Break!  We debated traveling but with Diwali falling so late (and, as a result, our break) it just seemed like too much to take on with our Christmas holiday so close.  For the first time since we landed in Mumbai we decided to try out a staycation.  We armed ourselves-we joined the Hyatt Club a few weeks ago, saved up our magazines from Minnesota mail, and arranged to have one grown up night away.  All in all, I’d say it has been a success.  We’ve enjoyed some reading, relaxation, pool time, and before week’s end Snow World!

In an effort to embrace Diwali we bought a few sparklers and fireworks to enjoy.  Really, the incessant booming after dark for five days straight leaves us no choice but embrace the celebration, but this was certainly more fun.  We took to the rooftops to get the best view.  Fun was had by all, except Stella who repeated “No rooftop. I wanna go home. No rooftop. I wanna go home” until it felt criminal not to listen.  She enjoyed the “booms” from inside our living room!


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