Fall Fest 2012

I’ve been homesick quite a bit so far this year.  I think it has to do with spending our first magical summer on Bainbridge and leaving that behind for another year Mumbai.  I think about the Farmers’ Market, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin patches, apple orchards, a chill in the air, the crunch of fallen leaves and maybe (just maybe) dreams of a run to Target sneaks in there every now and then.  When I mentioned all of this to my good friend Megan she suggested we try to recreate fall here, with 90 degree heat and all, to ease some of the longing for my favorite season.  I thought it was a great idea, but of course things got busy, a kid or two started crying, and all my grand plans were forgotten in a matter of minutes.  But not by Megan!  On Monday, I found this message waiting for me:


Megan suggested we get together and do our best to find fall amongst the grimy depths of Mumbai.  Paul was traveling with his students for four days for the Week Without Walls trip and I knew it would be difficult to get together with a girlfriend with him gone, so I was hesitant to respond immediately.  The next day sweet Megan told me she was planning a Fall Fest not for the grown ups, but for us and our kids as well!  It takes a special person to take that on.  Megan made plans and I did my very small part by providing the pizza.  On Thursday evening, Megan, some friends from our building, and the kids and I had what I am calling Fall Fest 2012.  Giving the party that title is all in the hopes that it will happen again next year!  Megan had food, drinks, crafts, and games prepared.  It was all quite blog and Pinterest-worthy and it gave us a little taste of fall in the form of pumpkin flavoring and synthetic fall foilage.  Here are a few pics from the night!Image


A fall puzzle.  Thanks Megan’s mom!



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