School Stuff

This year, for the first time in four years,  Paul and I are separated onto two different campuses.  Due to growth and space restraints, our school split into a dual campus school.  Paul’s on the “original campus” which is now the Secondary School (and newly redesigned) and the kids and I are on the Elementary Campus.  Our campus is a little further out, in a different neighborhood, and requires a bit more of a commute, but the kids are handling it well.  When we started school in August things were not quite done-we were teaching amongst construction and to be honest it required a lot of patience daily.  Keeping first graders happy with out a playground is a challenge!  But slowly, as things have finished and as more things are completed we are settling in, and once again the ASB education that I treasure is coming forth.  The kids (Noah in third, Sophie in first) are encouraged to be curious, independent learners.  Their creative spirit is honored and diverse answers are considered the “right answers”.  The arts are a prominent part of their learning.  And thankfully, by the end of the month, what we are hearing is the “most expensive playground ever constructed in India” will be done!  Here are a few snapshot from school:




**Sophie gets a few more pics since I am right next door to her all day.  These pictures show Noah reading in the “iCommons” third grade’s own library, and Sophie showing off her “Guess my Country” project.  Can you guess which country her group researched?

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