Any Given Sunday

We are fortunate enough to live in a building that was once dubbed “the family building”.  Our class, the families that entered ASB in 2011, was the last group to have been placed in this building and in this neighborhood.  Last year there were six families with young children in the building.  This year, because many of those families moved, we are down to three families.  Thankfully, our kids’ best friends (and ours) still live downstairs and most Sunday morning the girls (Sophie and Hazel) or the boys (Noah and Sam) can be found running around our houses at some crazy hour often looking like the above or some variation of the above.  Our houses are usually strewn with pillows, legos, dolls, and clothes.  There are constant demands (polite demands, of course) for snacks, drinks, and movies.  As you can imagine, there is the occasional fight-they live like siblings after all-but that is usually over in twenty minutes or so and then Crazy Town returns.  It can overwhelming at times, having anywhere from 3-7 kids running around your house, but I try (am trying, really) to remember how much I would have loved that as a kid and how much these memories will be a part of their time in India.  It is these days, more than any visits to Nepal, a temple, or any other landmark, that will be a what they loved about their time here.

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