Bandra Fair 2012

The kids have known the Bandra Fair is coming for weeks….just not for the typical reasons kids countdown the days.  Usually, a fair would have kids talking about rides, treats, prizes, etc…but not the Bandra Fair.  The Bandra Fair had my kids talking about two things: traffic and wax body parts.  Traffic is already a bit heavy here in Mumbai, and with the move to our new elementary campus the kids and I have a longer commute than last year, so the idea of another event adding to the traffic did not make them happy.  Even if only a few minutes for a few days.  Also, the Bandra Fair draws many people making requests for prayers for different ailments (you can read more here) and they make these requests via wax body parts…the kids find this part kind of strange, sort of confusing and really funny.

Late last night I received an SMS from our helper, Mavis, asking if she could take Noah, Sophie and Stella to the Bandra Fair this evening.  In an effort to keep the kids from asking ME to take them I’d already told them about the perils of street fairs and rusty roller coasters so they were a bit reluctant to go, but with a little coaxing they were off.  And Paul and I were home alone for the first time in a million years.  We spent lots of time doing romantic things like working on Google Docs and imputing literacy data.  I know, kind of crazy.

When the kids returned home they were full of excitement. All three of them bursting to tell us about the ferris wheel (without sides!), the train, and the trampoline.  Stella kept saying, “I touched the ‘ky!” The kids couldn’t have been more thrilled with their adventure and I think Sophie is already in the planning stages with Mavis for one more trip on Friday when the kids are off from school.  We gave them a good scrubbing when they arrived home-they were covered in monsoon sludge and whatnot and fed them dinner (after their ice cream cones at the fair) and everyone settled into bed.  It may not be what they thought it would be, but it was hugely memorable for them and they’ve already made Mavis promise to take them every year that we are here in Mumbai.

All images courtesy of my good teacher, amazing photographer friend Andrea. She braved the Bandra Fair with her camera in hand and captured these gorgeous images of everyday life in India.  I’m hoping she’ll capture some of our family here in India soon!


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