First Day of School 2012

First Day of School 2012!  Sophie’s off to first grade with Ms. Dastur, Stella is off to “playschool” at the Hyatt with Miss Shriti and Miss Grace, and Noah is off to third grade with Mr. Wanjohi.  The kids couldn’t be happier to be starting a new year.  For the first time, we are all bound for different places in the morning.  Paul works at our “old” campus-a totally revamped Middle School/High School in Bandra Kurla (BKC), Noah, Sophie, and I are at the new ASB Campus in Kohinoor, and Stella is close by at the Grand Hyatt.  Drop offs and pick ups are a little crazy to coordinate at this point, but we’re making it work.  I feel lucky to have my kids nearby even though we’re a sad Paul isn’t just upstairs any more.

Noah, otherwise known as Francois, traded his Hindi studies for French and so far he loves it.  He actually said French was more fun than P.E. last week!  Sophie had heard that if first grade you got to use the stapler during Writers’ Workshop, and before the first week was up, she had stapled her first story together.  Stella has a music class and yoga class that are both given once a week.  I had to buy a tiny yoga mat for her which was awfully cute.

We’re all off to a good year!

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