Happy Campers

At the beginning of the summer the kids and I made “bucket lists” detailing the activities and things we wanted to do over the summer.  At the top of  Noah’s list was the “King Tut” exhibit, go to some Mariners games, and create a family obstacle course.  Sophie wanted to spend time at KidiMu, bake a dessert, and see “Brave”.  One thing that was on all of our lists was a family camping trip.  Once we bought a tent big enough for all of us and new sleeping bags, we kept waiting (and waiting and waiting) for the weather to warm up.  Finally, the week before we left, we managed to squeeze in an overnight trip.  Paul called our version of camping “camping lite”, although it wasn’t quite “glamping”.  We headed to  Fay Bainbridge Park about 15 minutes away.  We’ve been to that park several times this summer and the kids were familiar with the layout, so once we arrived they were off-Noah to play baseball and Stella to the park.  Sophie went all over the trails behind our tent and found some trees to climb. Paul set up the tent and got our site ready.  There was a Beach Boys cover band performing near the water and they provided some entertainment as the evening wore on.  We enjoyed roasted hot dogs and campfire smores before turning in around 10.  Stella protested a bit, but we were all finally lulled to sleep by the ukulele coming from our neighbors.  Early the next morning we headed down to the beach for a bit before the chill chased us away.  My need for coffee outweighed our desire to hang out and we headed home by 9:30.  It may have been camping lite, but I felt pretty proud that we managed to pull it together enough to get the five of us camping before the end of the summer.  A good time was had by all!

Glimpses of the evening: Sophie girl, morning sun, Stella girl, campfire, kiddos, flower bracelets, driftwood, my Noah, and view




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