I’m a routine girl. I love consistency, predictability, and all of our sweet family traditions.  Today we spent our second to last Saturday on Bainbridge doing our favorite Saturday routine: Farmers’ Market, Doc’s, Mora Iced Creamery (Bon Bon has been our go-to, but Mora was amazing!), and Eagle Harbor Book Shop.  Paul and Stella had to bail near the end of lunch since Stella girl needed her nap, but the big kids and I had a fun time perusing the used books and getting ice cream.  I think, more than anything, these are the days I will miss the most back in India.  It is so nice to walk everywhere, see neighbors (that we are actually getting to know!), and join in local Bainbridge Island life.  I love this place.

Weighing basil at the market…dinner for later!

Handmade soap…Noah picked out the Campfire bar and I picked out the Oatmeal Lavender. Love the beer “flavor”!

View from Doc’s. It never gets old!

These sandals were made for walking…all over Bainbridge!

P.S.  Just saw that Mora will deliver anywhere in the U.S and since Food & Wine voted it best ice cream in the U.S. I’d say it is totally worth it!


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