Sunday Morning & Lately

It is a third cup of coffee morning.  The clouds seem to usually burn off by mid-morning, but today they are lingering, taking away my type A need to get up and get going.  The girls are taking a morning bath, giggling and playing.  That makes my heart happy.  Plans to head to a local berry farm seem to be flying out the window and the idea of an afternoon movie is gaining speed.  I’m starting to work on our  “Bring Back to Mumbai” shopping list.  There are two categories-necessary and indulgent, but the line blurs easily between the two.  On the list?  Good coffee, quality kids’ shoes, and new backpacks.  And some clothes from Anthropologie.  Absolute necessity.  Definitely.

We went to the Woodland Park Zoo in downtown Seattle yesterday.  The day was warm and sunny and the kids had fun seeing all the animals.  I’ve always loved my trips to the National Zoo, but it was great to spend the day focused on the fun we were having and not how freaking hot it was outside.  This peacock made us smile!


Zoo fun 

In the My Husband is Awesome category, I was having a frustrating day earlier in the week and rather than try to fix anything Paul packed us up and took us to Fort Ward park on Bainbridge.  The sunshine and the Sound turned all our moods around.  A little baseball, a bit of skating, and lots of beach combing and all of us came home happier.  A cold beer and spaghetti (and an early bedtime for Stella girl) made the evening complete.  He’s a keeper.



The path at Fort Ward had some huge trees on it!  Made me think of the Redwoods (although I’m sure they are minuscule by comparison).




Throwing stones 


Daddy Crab & Baby Crab…our naturalist, Sophie, wanted to bring these guys home

Coming up this week Noah and Sophie are off to their respective day camps.  Sophie is in “Mixed up Fairy Tales” drama camp and Noah’s at basketball camp.  I’m already brainstorming the little dates we can go on with Stella and each of the kids on their own!  A change of pace will be nice.

Friday has someone’s birthday on the calendar and possibly our first camping trip.  We’re trying to squeeze it all in in the last few weeks!

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