Day 4 of the 365 Day Challenge and An Unexpected Break

In true Abby fashion, I had to take an unexpected break from the 365 Day Challenge.  After our first day back at work Paul and I took the kids to a new little park right across the street from our apartment.  Despite the crazy rules about parks here in Mumbai (open only after 4 p.m. and no balls or scooters…oh, and no walking on the grass…), this park is brand new and the equipment is nice as is the location, so we set off around 5.  I, of course, brought my new camera.  I had the camera strapped across my chest but as I dodged rickshaws and held the hands of little ones it someone came unthreaded and went crashing onto the sidewalk.  It was in pieces.  Paul just looked on in horror and I held back tears the best I could.  It was horrible.  It took a week or so for me to determine that it was the lens that was broken and the body was actually okay (thank goodness!).  Last week I ordered a new lens and I spent some time today experimenting.  It seems more difficult to get a better picture, but hopefully in time.  Here are a few moments from our weekend

Sunday pancakes with Daddy.

Wii is serious business.

Fruit market haul.

My little helpers.


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