Day 3 of the 365 Challenge

So sad.  Today is our last day of vacation.  We are so lucky to spend all of our breaks together as a family, but it makes getting back into the swing of things a little bit harder.  Poor Stella girl-being alone in the house is going to be rough for her.  She has loved having her “Woawah” (Noah) and “Doe Doe” (Sophie) around.

Throughout our seven years of parenting our babies have always slept in their cribs nearly every night.  However, Paul and I pretty much became co-sleeping parents with Stella during this break.  Part of it was out of necessity.  All of us crammed into one hotel room made it difficult to set up a crib and find a good place for Stella so we just put her in bed with us.  The other part is just what I am guessing happens with many last babies…she’s a snuggler and we know the clock is ticking on how much longer she’s going to cuddle with us.  I admit that I love having her tucked in next to me.  I don’t love teetering on the edge of the bed while she sleeps horizontally, but that’s a small price to pay for a little extra baby love!  Being that today was our last day of vacation I took one last nap with my sweet Stella.  Love that girl.

It is going to get more tricky finding time to photograph these moments since we head back tomorrow.  Guess I’ll just have to try harder!


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