My 365 Challenge

For Christmas Paul surprised me with a Nikon 3100 DSLR camera.  I have wanted to get better at photography for awhile-mostly so I can momentarily stop time and capture those special, everyday moments that often seem so fleeting or get lost in the chaos of raising a young family.  I’ve just barely started to figure out how to turn on the camera and take a picture that doesn’t turn out blurry, but I came across this project today and found it hugely inspiring.  The challenge is to find the blessings, everyday memories, and beauty in the ordinary.  I want to appreciate how lucky I am to be a wife, mother, friend, teacher and now, a photographer.  To that end, I will be posting a daily photo that will hopefully capture those special moments and help me improve my photography as well.

Day 1

Kitty cat slippers.  An annual Christmas gift from my mom, and Stella’s very first pair.  When I first saw them in November I wasn’t sure why my mom picked the cats out-we really aren’t cat people in this house!  However, even from across the world, Mema knew best…Stella’s first word? Cat.  Stella’s favorite animal? Cat.  Stella loves parading around in her slippers just like her big brother and sister.  I love her chubby arms, her tulle skirt, and the bright colors.  Sweetness.


One thought on “My 365 Challenge

  1. This really made me smile, Abby. Brie’s first word was “cat,” too! Maybe it’s because they’re both cutie pie girls who were born back in July 2010!? (We, too, are NOT cat people, but it’s just so precious when she says it!) Looking forward to seeing more of your photography!

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