Stella at 17 months!

Stella turned 17 months a few weeks ago.  I can’t believe it !  I think both Paul and I feel like our littlest baby is turning more and more into a toddler and she is less and less a baby.  We love this girl-she is such a sweet thing!

At 17 months, Stella can:

-draw and hold a pencil just like Noah and Sophie (the holding the pencil part…we’re working on the drawing!)

-identify many animals and their sounds

-find the letter S, circles, and stars

-make her opinion known!

-play babies with her big sister

-feed herself with a spoon

-insist on sitting in a big chair…she won’t sit in her high chair anymore!

-play ball

-keep all of his laughing

I think all of us would agree that Stella has brought such happiness and light to our family.  We wouldn’t be remotely the same without her!


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