A few Sundays ago we went for brunch with some friends at a wonderful Belgian bakery, Le Pain Quotidien,  in South Bombay.  They’ve spent time teaching in Brussels and assured us we would not be disappointed.  The kids were great-Noah was at a birthday party so it was just the girls, Sophie, their four year old daughter Lulu, and Stella.  Paul and Kevin talked football (Kevin’s also a huge Seahawks fan) and Ang and I were able to squeeze in a few complete sentences between cries for drinks, markers, and “down” (all from sweet Stella girl).  Eventually, sensing my desperation to finish a thought, Paul took Stella for a quick walk down to The Gateway of India, which happened to be across the street.

Gorgeous Bakery

Country Atmosphere in the Heart of BombaySophie and Lulu

Not only did Stella get the usual mobbing-people are very sweet, but can’t resist her touching her super blonde hair and squeezing (in a gentle, loving way) her chub, but she also received a talik as a blessing.

Stella received a Hindu welcome and blessing at the Gateway

There are so many interesting festivals, celebrations, and rituals here in India.  I feel lucky that we get to learn about so many and are welcomed with open arms by the people of this country.