India vs. Brazil

…a rough, in-no-way-accurate-for-anyone-else, comparison…

India is long, cotton embroidered tunics

Brazil was short, tight tops

India is masala chai tea

Brazil was strong, dark coffee

India is gorgeous, inexpensive textiles and furniture

Brazil was overpriced, poor quality textiles and furnishing

India is English (mostly “Hinglish”) with words like dustbin, pram, rubber (an eraser), and Ā  the infamous head bob abounding

Brazil was gorgeous Portuguese and the awe I felt every time I heard my children speak the language fluently

India is Mavis, our ever present Mary Poppins

Brazil was Zeli, our utterly missed “Baba Magica”

India is poor quality, but cold wine delivered to your door

Brazil was sweet caipirinhas

India is over sized rats getting in the way on my morning run

Brazil was peaceful and an gorgeous sunrise on a morning run

India is the stinky (but pretty) Arabian Sea just down the block

Brazil was the stinky and ugly Tiete River down the highway

India is fresh fruits and veggies doused in chlorine to avoid “intestinal distress”

Brazil was fresh fruits and veggies all the time throughout the year

India is cows, goats, and rickshaws taking up the streets

Brazil was taxis, cars, and motos taking up the streets

India is strangely comforting to me now

Brazil was comforting to me in the past

We are slowly finding our way here. Ā I really, really love the vibe of this country and slowly it is becoming home-warts and all.


One thought on “India vs. Brazil

  1. Oh, Abby and Paul…luckily, you don’t have to choose…you can have both the present and the past…both are comforting šŸ™‚ Here’s to the future! BEIJOS! Sara

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